Essential Reading

To Be Indian: The Life of Iroquois-Seneca Arthur Caswell Parker

by Joy Porter, William N. Fenton (Hardcover - December 2001)

Seneca Chief, Army General : A Story About Ely Parker (Creative Minds Biography)

by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk, Karen Ritz (Illustrator) (Library Binding - September 2000)

Chainbreaker's War: A Seneca Chief Remembers the American Revolution 
by Blacksnake, Jeanne Winston Adler (Paperback 2002)


The Peace Chief : A Novel of the Real People

by Robert J. Conley (Hardcover - November 1998)

SenecaIndians.com is your starting point in learning about the Seneca Indian culture, its place in the League of Iroquois Nations, legends and folklore, and Resources you can find  on the Web.

The Seneca were on of the most important tribes in the Iroquois League of 6 Nations; they were a proud people, a conquering tribe who let nothing stand in the way of their tribal expansion.  

Several key historical figures were Seneca Indians, the most notable being Red Jacket, a great orator and wise man, famous for his quotes.

Our site also features a section on Seneca legends and stories, as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

We have included a resource section where you can find the addresses and phone numbers for Seneca reservations, and government organisations.

We have also added a discussion board so that you may exchange comments, ideas, and information; whether it be about your ancestry, or news about the current events which concern you, feel free to share your thoughts.


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